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Dóttir Audio started as an idea between friends that popped up on a stroll around London, creating a headphone for World Class athletes that allows them to train freely without outside distraction. From there it has grown into something much bigger, not only a brand that creates headphones for athletes but a brand that supports female empowerment and equality. These brand values tie directly into Katrín's and Annie‘s core personal values. We have fought through adversity to reach the top of our respective field multiple times. We are both two time World‘s Fittest Women, having each won the CrossFit Games twice. Our Icelandic roots have had a large influence on our core values and the brand as a whole.

But what does “dóttir” mean to us?
For us it is much more than an old naming convention. To us it represents being a strong and empowered woman! Or somebody that empowers women to be their best. Iceland leads the world in gender equality and it is something we are very proud of. We want to help spread equal opportunities around the world. Help lift women to where they belong. We are not working on building a brand that only sells products, we want to build a community of like minded people that work together to make the world better, even if it is a tiny step at a time. We want to empower and inspire everybody to reach their full potential. The Dóttir Audio project started over a year ago. It has been a very fun journey and we have learned so much along the way. It is also one of the first times that we get to work together under the same brand and boy have we enjoyed that. We have so many other things planned and we hope that you join us on this journey!

Where does “dóttir” come from?
Unlike other Nordic countries, Iceland has never had a formalized system for family names. Instead, last names are based on the names of the parents. This way of creating last names is the old Scandanavian naming system which all the countries once used. They are different from other naming systems in that they indicate the first name of the father, or sometimes the mother, followed by whether the person is their son or daughter. In Icelandic surnames, “son” means son, and “dóttir” means daughter. For example, if you are male and your father’s name is Stefan Gunnarsson, your name could be something like Robert Stefansson. For a daughter, it could be something like Harpa Stefanssdóttir.

The brand


product image
product image

The Dóttir Audio project started over two years ago. It has been a very fun journey and we have learned so much along the way. It is also one of the first times that we get to work together under the same brand and that has made us so happy. We have enjoyed every step of the process.

It all started with us wanting to build something around “Dóttir” and build something for our post competition years. A project that we can work on where we have more skin in the game. We have always struggled with finding headphones that work for us. Our main struggle was finding headphones that offered a firm fit and hold as well as being fully sweatproof. We have both sweat through multiple pairs of headphones. Since nothing met our standards, we decided to create something ourselves. We had never done anything like this before, so we wondered how we could create something like this. Luckily Katrín had an old high school friend that was working in product development and she reached out to him. He worked at STRAX, an Icelandic company that has been developing products globally for years. They helped us to understand the overall costs and process for creating what we wanted. We could’ve reached out to a manufacturer taken something off the shelf and added our logo to it, but we wanted to create something new something better than what was already out there. It is a very long and expensive process, so we decided to create a joint venture with STRAX and develop something together.

That is when all the fun stuff started, we mapped out inspiration for the headphones and what the product requirements were. As well as map out what we wanted the brand values to be and how the brand should look. From there we met with branding experts and product designers. Ever since then we have been finetuning the look and feel of the brand as well as testing numerous versions of the headphones.

There are so many design details in the product that we love and helped implement, like the fact that the outer edge of the charging case resembles the grip on a barbell. The case itself is also a combination of materials, with aluminium being one of them, to further enhance the barbell feel. There is also a small little gift that comes with each headphone.

It has been a long journey, we have gone through a lot of different versions of the product to get it to where it is at currently. We are excited to hear the feedback from our community so we can continue improving the products and creating further products together.

This is only the start of “Dóttir” we have so many other ideas and projects that we are working on. Our overall goal is to expand our reach so we can have a wider positive impact on the world. We want to help push gender equality and female empowerment to the next level. Help mentor and inspire future generations to be the best versions of themselves and stay ahead of the game!

Team photo



Katrin Image
Katrin Image

Katrin is an Icelandic professional CrossFit athlete with eight appearances at the CrossFit Games under her belt. She was the Women’s Champion of the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games and is one of only three women to repeat as champion. She recently finished second place at the 2020 CrossFit Games, adding another incredible feat to her historic career. Katrin loves to workout and spend time with family and friends. She recently got into fishing and might look towards a pro fishing career after retirement from CrossFit.



Annie Image
Annie Image

Annie is a professional CrossFit athlete from Iceland. She is a ten-time CrossFit Games veteran, and has stood on the podium five times. She is the first woman to win the CrossFit Games twice. She is a top contender at the CrossFit Games every year. She owns CrossFit Reykjavik in Iceland and recently gave birth to her first baby girl, Freyja. Annie loves to spend time with her family in the Icelandic countryside. Her partner in crime, Fredrik Aegidius, is also a CrossFit athlete and a five time CrossFit Games competitor.